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Network Alliance and Cordia Partners Celebrate 10-Year Partnership

Cordia & NA Partnership

Network Alliance celebrates its 10-year partnership with Cordia Partners, the Greater Washington area’s leading outsourced accounting and consulting firm. Over the past decade Network Alliance has provided Cordia Partners a trusted hosted IT infrastructure management solution known for its reliability, flexibility, security and excellent customer support that has been integral to the company’s continued growth and success.

At the core of the successful partnership is a commitment to expertise, flexibility, reliability, and award-winning customer service and satisfaction. An offshoot of large accounting firm Baker Tilley, Cordia Partners formed 10 years ago and asked Network Alliance to operate its entire back-end IT department, from the CIO to the help desk, in a secure environment that protects the company’s data as well as that of its clients.

“As we have grown, Network Alliance has also grown to better support our clients by securely hosting multiple accounting applications,” according to Cordia Partners’ Founding Partner Mitchell Weintraub. “Our clients expect best practices and internal controls in IT processing. Over the past 10 years, Network Alliance has honored those commitments by maintaining the most rigorous audit compliances for financial information.”

Another advantage that Network Alliance brings to its successful relationship is eliminating the need for Cordia Partners to buy servers or other IT equipment to keep pace with rapidly-advancing technology. Instead, Network Alliance delivers the flexibility for Cordia Partners to grow incrementally and add new technology. Network Alliance’s infrastructure also ensures consistent support across Cordia Partners’ multiple office locations as their IT needs expand.

“Cordia Partners has done an incredible job of building its business over the past 10 years, and we’re extremely proud to have been part of it since Day One,” said Don Britton, founder and CEO of Network Alliance. “We’ve provided access to systems that were probably better than what they had at their previous firm and helped them keep up with technology as they have grown and expanded.”

“Network Alliance’s service, expertise, and top-notch customer support have been essential to our successful growth over the past 10 years,” Weintraub said. “I don’t want to be up at night thinking about network security issues or the pressure to keep pace with the rapid proliferation of online devices and technologies available today as opposed to when we started the company a decade ago. IT security is a much bigger challenge these days, but I trust Network Alliance to stay updated on everything security-related and their customer support approach is consistently extraordinary.”

In 2015, the Network Alliance team resolved 88% of all support calls within 15 minutes; 99% were resolved within 60 minutes. Network Alliance’s track record of “five nines” uptime reliability equates to only five minutes of downtime per year.

About Cordia:

Cordia Partners is a leading provider of outsourced accounting solutions, business advisory, recruiting & staffing, and executive search services.  Our proactive, client-centered approach allows you to focus on your core competencies, and, ultimately, the overall success of your business.

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