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Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce Inaugural Capital Region Business Forum

FCCC Capital Region Business Forum2 Tysons, Va. – Today, the  Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce (Fairfax Chamber),  Greater Washington Board of Trade (Board of  Trade), and  Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce(Prince George’s Chamber) hosted  Muriel Bowser (D), mayor of the District of Columbia,  Terry McAuliffe (D), governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and  Mike Miller (D), Maryland senate president, for the inaugural Capital Region Business Forum to promote regional cooperation.

The event, attended by nearly 500 of the region’s top business executives, provided the leaders with the opportunity to discuss their plans to work cooperatively to bolster the regional economy in an ever-competitive global marketplace.

Jim Corcoran, president & CEO of the Fairfax Chamber, issued the following statement:

“We are honored to have partnered with the Board of Trade and Prince George’s Chamber for this historic event. This was the first time that these three high-level state officials have participated in a joint program of this kind.

We thank Mayor Bowser, Senator Miller, and Governor McAuliffe for participating in this regional business forum today to address the issues facing our region. Regional collaboration and cooperation are key to economic growth here in the national capital region.

We look forward to continuing this event on an annual basis. We must work collaboratively to plot a course for the future that will grow our region and set us on a path to success for decades to come.”

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