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Unanet Financials:  Best Practices for Month-End Close

Is it possible to be a profitable government contractor without the benefit of timely, accurate financial statements to inform operations and decisions?

The answer, of course, is no.  Yet so often managers are informed by stale data – reports that may have been helpful weeks ago, but lack insight for current use.  The more complicated the month-end close process is, the more likely there could be delays in delivering needed reporting and financial information so that informed decisions can be made.

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Getting the Information You Need Faster

If you’ve invested in the Unanet software, congratulations!  You’ve taken a step toward better financial accounting and management.  However, a software solution is only as powerful as the proficiency level of the person using it.

At Cordia Partners, our government contractor team has expertise in both financial accounting and the Unanet software. Our deep knowledge of Unanet includes both the functionality of the software solution and the context in which our government contractor customers use the product. 


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A Checklist to Streamline the Process


Recently two members of our team, Partner Traci Rowland Shepps and Consulting Manager Jade Alam, presented their tips for an efficient month-end process at the Unanet Champions conference.  We invite you to download the ‘Unanet Month-End Close Best Practice Checklist that was developed from their presentation.  These powerful tips will help you organize and streamline your month-end process to effectively communicate financial results in a timely fashion.

We utilize this checklist ourselves to handle the daily, weekly, and monthly accounting duties we perform on behalf of our government contractor clients.  We don’t go through one month-end - we go through hundreds. Our practical experience is an important part of the value we offer our clients: deep expertise with the software, as well as the financial expertise and guidance that comes with understanding the government contracting industry.


Cordia Partners is Here to Help

We hope you find this checklist helpful.

We can help government contractors with the implementation of Unanet software and provide accounting services operating Unanet on your behalf.  Simply contact us to set up a consultation.