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Sage Intacct's: The Nonprofit CFO's Survival Guide

Show Where You Stand – Nonprofit Reporting and Visibility

The story of your nonprofit – the importance of your mission to constituents and community – is far more compelling when you tell the story complete with financial command.

Show where you stand: financial health and financial command

The financial health of your organization is important.  It means you keep your employees paid, your programs functioning, and your constituents happy.  Financial health is presented, in part, by your organization’s financial statements.  Financial command is having more than just financial health.  Financial command is demonstrating a thorough understanding of actual and potential funding and providing transparency to users of the financial information.  Financial command is attractive to major donors and grant funders alike.

To have financial command you need deep insight into the financial reporting, outcomes, and other key metrics.  Sage Intacct provides nonprofit leaders with the accounting solution, reports, and dashboards necessary for the highest level of financial command.

The Nonprofit CFO’s Survival Guide

This month, Cordia Partners is offering ‘The Nonprofit CFO’s Survival Guide’  an eBook designed to help CFOs better address the unique challenges and pressures of nonprofit finance.

In addition to nonprofit reporting and visibility, the eBook includes commentary items from nonprofit executives and nonprofit technology experts on the following topics:

  • Your Mission: Support the Mission
  • Accounting 101: It’s Still Job One
  • Internal Controls and Cash Management: The Importance of Vigilance
  • Funds and Grants: The Lifeblood of a Nonprofit
  • Reporting and Visibility: “Know and Show” Where Your Stand
  • Cloud-based Financial Management: Simplifying Life for the Nonprofit CFO

Cordia Partners is proud of our track record of working with nonprofits.  We recognize that nonprofits and their supporters want to keep administration  lean so that as many resources as possible go to mission fulfillment – while at the same time utilizing the tools and technology that address compliance, allow deep insight, and leverage the cost savings that come with automating manual tasks.

Do more than survive – thrive with Cordia Partners

We hope you find the information shared in ‘The Nonprofit CFO’s Survival Guide’ helpful.  We appreciate your organization’s goal of making the lives of individuals and life in our communities better.  We welcome the opportunity to consult  with you about your financial accounting processes.

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