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A Modern Nonprofit Accounting System Checklist


Meeting donor requirements, not to mention securing additional funding for your mission, requires that your nonprofit organization demonstrates the utmost stewardship of funds received.  Without the proper nonprofit accounting systems in place, demonstrating transparency and accountability is nearly impossible.   Essential Feat of Modern NFP Accounting System.jpg

How would you answer the following questions?


  • Are you able to report on program efficiency easily when speaking with a major donor?
  • Are you able to precisely quantify the impact of your programs and the scope of mission progress when communicating with key stakeholders?
  • Are you confident that your stewardship is at an optimal level?


Nonprofit excellence requires attention to and professional management of multiple dimensions of your organization.  Unfortunately, for many nonprofit organizations, the accounting function and nonprofit accounting software are desperately substandard.


A strong foundation of sound accounting


If you believe that transparency and accountability begin with the strong foundation of sound accounting, then you understand the importance of assembling the right technology.


Cordia Partners has the resource to help you begin evaluating a nonprofit accounting solution for your organization, “Essential Features of a Modern Accounting System for Nonprofit Organizations” that you may download by clicking on the link.


A checklist to put the evaluation process in perspective


The download “Essential Features of a Modern Accounting System for Nonprofit Organizations” is a checklist of over 40 criteria that you should consider when you begin the process of selecting a nonprofit accounting system.


The document organizes the selection criteria into five critical areas:


  1. Nonprofit/Fund Accounting
  2. Automated, Flexible Financial Processes
  3. Financial Insight
  4. Cloud Architecture
  5. The Right Company


This will help you cover all of the important aspect of evaluation from features and functionality to efficiencies gained through automation, and from reporting and dashboards to the technology delivering your solution.  But the final category, evaluating your solution/technology partner, is probably the most important criteria.


Why Cordia Partners is the right company


When you work with Cordia Partners, you will be working with nonprofit accounting specialists.  Our team understands nonprofit accounting software and technology so that you will have the best tools with which to manage your organization. We can assist you in the selection of the right technology platform to fit your organization and on the implementation and setup so your output meets your reporting needs. 


Be sure to download “Essential Features of a Modern Accounting System for Nonprofit Organizations” to help you evaluate nonprofit accounting software.  Better yet, contact us, we’ll discuss your challenges and help you find a solution that will not only solve today’s problems, but equip you to achieve your future aspirations.