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Measure accounting KPIs with Sage Intacct’s visual dashboard

Like most business owners, you’ve probably been urged by industry experts, CPA firms, and other professional advisors to identify the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) for your company. So, just for the sake of discussion, let’s say you’ve done that. A natural question that often follows is: Now what? You know you’re supposed to keep an eye on these metrics every day but … how?

Accounting dashboards tells the story

When it comes to measuring accounting KPIs, it’s key to rely on software with a great visual dashboard so you can keep an eye on the prize: a cost-controlled, profitable company. We recommend that businesses consider Sage Intacct, a leading accounting and financial management software that allows you to create customized views of financial reports, to access real time and accurate financial information of your company.

Cloud-based knowledge = real time knowledge

Sage Intacct has the advantage of being cloud-based, meaning the data driving them is typically stored on a secure server off-site. You can access the dashboard from anywhere at any time on an authenticated device and it displays various KPIs in the form of pie charts, bar graphs and other graphic elements.

Benefits of Sage Intacct software

  • Real-time business visibility
  • Comprehensive financial consolidation, reporting, and analysis
  • A streamlined quote-to-cash process that eliminates manual re-entry
  • Automated procure-to-pay with custom defined workflows
  • Anywhere, anytime expense report submission, audit, and reimbursement

Whether you are considering Sage Intacct or any other accounting software, make sure you explore the demos and play around on the dashboard. There is nothing more painful than finding out after implementation, that you don’t have all the plug ins or modules you need to capture the data and reporting on it.

Cordia Partners has been a Sage Intacct partner for many years helping non-profit organizations and commercial clients select the right software. Explore the Sage Intacct dashboard or contact us for advice. Set up a free consultation.

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