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The Complexities of Doing Business with the Government and a Resource to Help

Gov Con for Dummies Chptr 1.jpg

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I’ve got a top-flight IT services business (or construction company or software design services, etc.) – why wouldn’t the government be interested in purchasing my services?”

When it comes to working with the government, it is more complicated than simply having the right goods and services.  There are prerequisites you must perform before you can be considered as a potential contractor for the government. First and foremost, you need to understand the intricacies of the government procurement process.


Frequency of Error

Errors in Spreadsheets occur more frequently than you might think.  In a study published by Ventana Research, findings show that 19% of spreadsheets contain format errors; another 26% contain formula errors and a whopping 35% contain data errors.

Cordia Partners is pleased to offer you Chapter 1 of  ‘Government Contracting for Dummies to download. 

This chapter defines the market, and helps you prepare for the competition.


A customer with very deep pockets, but very stringent requirements


In 2016, the amount of government spending that flowed through to government contractors was close to $500 billion according to USAspending.gov.  It is natural to think about putting your business in a position to do business with government, but be aware that there are demands and complexities that come with operating as a government contractor.


A resource to help you better navigate the government market


This eBook will describe the steps you need to take to qualify for contract awards consideration, including such things as taking advantage of the GSA schedule and receiving set aside award preferences.  The process for both is just that, a process, with requisite paper trails and the follow up audit steps to ensure the government is doing their due diligence. 


If you make it that far and succeed in winning a government contract, you will face even more hurdles.  You will need to produce specific reports and track critical analytics. This is where we can help tremendously.  Cordia Partners understands the processes, the government’s expectations, and the necessary deliverables a government contractor needs for successful audits and reviews.  For more information, contact us for a consultation. 


Next month we will continue with the topic covered in Chapter 2, ‘Finding and Winning Government Business’.