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Driving a Successful SaaS Company:  Better Insight Requires Better Metrics

The client/server software model of yesteryear is quickly fading; paving the way for the new generation of SaaS based models. The potential for growth and profitability is great; however, success hinges on the availability of useful and timely information.


Access to the Critical Information SaaS Companies NeedOPEX Graphic.png

During startup and early growth phases, SaaS companies often need to raise capital to fund their infrastructure and marketing needs. At this time, cash outflow is much greater than cash inflow; therefore, it is critical that CFOs receive accurate and timely, decision-focused metrics. These key metrics will help guide investment decisions to achieve the highest ROI and future growth potential.

We are offering ‘Software & SaaS Financial Metrics and Key Benchmarks’ for download.  It includes definition of terms, calculations, and benchmarks.  It is a hand guide outlining how and what to track, as well as offering benchmarks that let you compare your performance to industry averages.


Obsolete Tools Cannot Provide Insights Needed Today

Archaic accounting solutions published decades ago were not designed for the new SaaS subscription model.  To track and view the metrics that drive your success you need a solution designed to handle, automate, and display the strategic components of your business – including customers, revenue recognition, and cash to name a few.


A Solution for SaaS Companies Designed by a SaaS Company

One of the many benefits of implementing AICPA-endorsed, cloud-based Intacct is that the solution was developed by a SaaS company for SaaS companies. It supports the critical metrics you need, when you need them.

As a CFO, you are responsible for helping the rest of the C-suite guide the many moving pieces of the business.  Read the free report to determine exactly which revenue, customer, cost, profitability, and cash metrics are most critical to your SaaS company’s success. 

We hope you find the report valuable and remind you that if you wish to delve further into what this might look like for your SaaS company, you may always contact us for an initial consultation.