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Can You Answer the “Who? What? & Why?” of Your Government Contract Business?

Managing projects is not an easy job.  Managing projects profitably is even more difficult.  Success or failure typically hinges on your ability to answer (in real time) the following critical questions:Can you answer gov con Feat Img.jpg

  1. Who is the transaction for?
  2. What is the transaction for?
  3. Why did the transaction occur?

Successful executives and their teams recognize that leveraging technology is a necessity for a profitable project-based business.  The key is deploying the right solutions and tools. Armed with an ERP system designed with your industry in mind, you will enjoy greater insight and a competitive edge.

The Cordia team is particularly impressed with Deltek’s Costpoint.  Designed specifically for project-based business, Costpoint will help you answer the three critical questions listed above and much more.

What would it mean for your organization if you saw: Revenue increases of 9 – 20%, Profit increases of 10 – 25%, and DSO reductions of 10 - 12 days?  Those are the results some businesses using Costpoint have seen. Even if you were to cut those results by half, they would still be very tempting reasons to give Costpoint a closer look.


If the idea of greater insight and better performance has piqued your interest, we invite you to an on-demand video overview of “Costpoint for Executives”.

Presented by Deltek’s Senior Sales Engineer, Larry Mosher, the session will give you an overview of this powerful, mobile, and cloud-based solution for government contractors.

In the presentation, you’ll see how Costpoint complies with government guidelines as well as Costpoint’s powerful reporting, analytics capability and role-based dashboards.  Once you have used a solution like this - that equips you so well when making decisions, answering inquiries, and developing new strategies – it’s hard to imagine operating without it.

Enjoy the presentation – we believe you’ll be impressed with what you see.  We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and answer any questions you might have about Costpoint or other concerns we might help with feel free to contact us.

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