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Are You Measuring What Matters for Your Nonprofit Organization?

Outcome Metrics Feat Img.jpgInformation is power.  Having real-time, accurate information about your organization, programs, and funds can be transforming – the difference between surviving and thriving.

Transparency and accountability are the watchwords of the new millennia nonprofit environment.  Donors, funders, board members, and other stakeholders demand visibility into mission fulfillment and fund management.


What Should You be Measuring?  

Measure too little and you risk falling short of expectations.  Measure too much and you risk being lost in information overload. We have the right resources to help you balances these risks. 

We’re pleased to offer our white paper ‘Outcome Metrics: Measuring What Matters in the Nonprofit World’ to assist you in determining how to link metrics to mission.


Outcomes with Your Mission in Mind

Human services organizations may want to measure program efficiency, associations may want to monitor revenue per member, an arts organization may want to measure fundraising efficiency – you determine the outcomes that are most important when it comes to delivering on the promise of your mission.

Outcome metrics are powerful, essential tools for demonstrating accountability and transparency.  They are measures that reflect organizational performance and impact.


What Matters Most

Clarifying what matters most to your organization will drive efficiency in your measurement tactics and usefulness of information obtained.  Focusing on your vision and values provides a beacon of light to your approach.  Your goals and strategies next will support directing you mission with defined tactics and activities supporting your mission.  Your organization’s objectives should stay front and center as you define what and how to measure the most valuable information.


Easy Access in the Cloud

Cloud technology has made access to key metrics easy.  Modern cloud architecture makes it easy to integrate accounting solutions with other cloud-based software solutions (e.g. fundraising, grants management, membership management, payroll, time and expense, etc.) to pull together critical data for more complete insight throughout your organization.

Once your leadership team has determined the metrics they want to measure, they can track and report organization, department, and program performance.


Let Cordia Partners be Your Guide

One of the benefits of working with Cordia Partners is that we’ve worked with hundreds of nonprofit organizations.  We can help you develop a short list of outcome metrics that will help you better manage your organization.  We’re certain that armed with this powerful data, you will be able to tell a more compelling story of the positive impact you’ll have in the lives of your constituents and in our communities.Outcome Metrics Measuring What Matters WP.jpg

We’d like to offer you an initial free consultation to discuss the specific accounting needs of your organization.  And, don’t forget to download your copy of ‘Outcome Metrics: Measuring What Matters in the Nonprofit World’.